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Our Clinic


Harley Dental Practice brings together surgeons with special skills, leading technicians whose craft is of the highest standard, and modern treatment facilities to ensure our patients receive the best possible range of treatments available.



We provide the latest best practice and highest standards in patient care and hygiene, meeting the strict requirements regarding cross infection and sterilization control. We are committed to providing the ultimate standard of quality service in restoring and maintaining your dental health in an atmosphere of professionalism and clinical confidence.
Our aim is to create results for our patients, which enhance the quality of their lives through our dedication to understanding their fundamental needs by means of precise and clear communication. At Harley Dental Practice, artistry meets science to provide a unique blend of the most advanced dental procedures available today.



Customer service...
We listen, we are respectful and we will treat you like a royalty because we are obsessive about customer satisfaction.

If we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be of service to you, we will do all we can to meet and exceed your expectations and make your visit memorable, informative and time efficient.

Individualised, one-on-one care…
We do not provide “assembly line” dentistry here. We make sure that you have all the time you need with us.

Building a long-term relationship with you…
We bring experience, integrity, compassion and trust to everything that we do.


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